Monday, March 30, 2020

Start building the roads to recovery, now

A view of the coronavirus pandemic from Australia IN THEIR frantic attempts to delay the spread of the Wuhan...

Boris tests positive for Covid-19

Some (mildly) encouraging news on the virus

ANOTHER day, another set of gloomy figures. The UK recorded another 115 coronavirus-related deaths, Spain a hideous 498, Italy a horrendous 712.

Government by cargo cult

IS this government by cargo cult? What else has to be done to placate the angry god of the NHS? Sacrifice our...

Why have some countries got away with it?

DURING this time of worry about the spread of the coronavirus, it is good to have some uplifting news.

The BBC is having a very good crisis

AS A result of the pandemonium triggered by coronavirus, it’s easy to forget that the BBC faces the prospect of root and...

My Coronavirus Diary

Jane Kelly has been keeping an occasional coronavirus diary which we will be bringing to you at regular intervals.

Our new universe, the family home

A SHORT video clip has been doing the rounds on social media over the past few days. It features a man being...

A user’s guide to the Two-Metre rule

A RATHER disturbing message from the government pinged on to my iPhone on Monday. It basically sentenced me to...

Yes, we can wear pyjamas!

SELF-isolation is well-known territory for me. Most people with the same auto-immune illness as I have are professionals at staying home, sometimes...