Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Readers’ comments: The reality of ‘Our NHS’

In response to Nick Booth: My (Our!) NHS Diary: Rules is rules ibnezraster wrote: Thanks, Nick, for your...

Readers’ comments: Johnson’s red-button moment

In response to Will Jones: Did we ever need lockdown? FirstNationFirst wrote: If we were to place the...

Readers’ comments: This destructive alliance

In response to David Kurten: We must build on this victory against the school sex zealots, Colonel Mustard wrote:

Readers’ comments: The biggest mistake in history

In response to Jill Kirby: Let the low-risk go back to work and school, FirstNationFirst wrote: The...

Readers’ comments: Negotiate, but there will be no deal

In response to Timothy Bradshaw: TCW’s Brexit Watch, lojolondon wrote: There will be no deal. The French want...

Readers’ comments: Does anyone trust this lot?

In response to Richard North: Lies, damn lies and the BBC’s virus death statistics, Annie Luctor wrote:

Readers’ comments: Go Keir!

In response to Paul T Horgan: Nasty Naz, Labour’s racist in charge of anti-racism,  Englandsown wrote: So Labour...

Readers’ comments: A lost world

In response to Robert James: A ripping yarn from the great days of Empire, abbie wrote: I...

Reader’s comment: Hale the great destroyer

In response to Jill Kirby: Exit Baroness Spider, with a final assault on the family, Starshiptrooper wrote:

Readers’ comments: Shop thy non-clapping neighbour

In response to Margaret Ashworth and Michael Fahey: Claptrap for Our Carers, Great Briton wrote: I hear...

TCW’s Brexit Watch

Michael St George's take on four of this past week's Brexit-related headlines. NB: (£) denotes article behind paywall

Readers’ comments: From the Blairite playbook

In response to Laura Perrins: Could Corbyn have been this bad? Paul Weston wrote: In order to...

Reader’s comment: Pull the plug!

In response to Timothy Bradshaw: TCW’s Brexit Watch, FirstNationFirst wrote: So let’s summarise where we are:

Readers’ comments: Come on, RLB!

In response to Paul T Horgan: Starmer Chameleon, LordOfMisrule wrote: A knighted, millionaire lawyer with less charisma...

Readers’ comments: Dominik, you’re welcome

In response to Dominik Kruk: Being an immigrant and a young conservative, David wrote: Splendid article Dominik, well...

Readers’ special: The more power police have, the more they’ll abuse it

Meredith Brent’s article yesterday, ‘House arrest: A user’s guide’, sparked criticism of the police for over-zealousness in enforcing ‘social distance’ and of the...

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