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Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Sticks and stones won’t break corona’s bones

SINCE mid-March, India’s ruling class has been bewildered by the elusive coronavirus which somehow escapes the iron grip of the authorities no...

The real enemy? Infectious disease ‘experts’

IS mandatory social distancing a modern-day form of Lysenkoism? Dr Trofim Lysenko, a geneticist, was director of the Soviet Union’s All-Union Academy of...

Our new state religion

WHEN the Prime Minister addressed the nation on Easter Day, he perhaps didn’t realise how religious his words would sound. Mr Johnson,...

Did we invent the virus crisis?

MANY are asking if the lockdown started too late, or why ‘track and trace’ was dropped as a policy. But the real...

As the lockdown bites, non-Covid deaths rise

EACH week during the coronavirus crisis, I have been reviewing and interpreting the mortality figures released by the Office for National Statistics....

Liberty lost, the future blighted: Grim reality of Australia’s C-19 ‘success’

BASED on the raw figures, it’s understandable why commentators praise Australia’s response to the pandemic. Compared with other countries, Australia has significantly...

Covid: Starkey blames ‘big government’ NHS

THE ‘big government’ nature of the NHS is to blame for Britain’s ‘catastrophically bad’ handling of the coronavirus crisis, says David Starkey.

Malaria drug and zinc, the missing link

MYSTERY surrounds why an anti-malaria drug is not being tested as a Covid-19 treatment in combination with zinc, which doctors say is crucial...

Covid-19: Central questions that demand answers

ONE third of Stockholm’s population will have coronavirus antibodies by early May, and half by the middle of June.  These...

Closing campuses is an absurd overreaction

CAMBRIDGE University has announced that it is moving all its lectures online for the whole of the next academic year, until summer...

Trump advocacy of anti-malaria drug takes a personal turn

NO one knows better than Donald Trump how to steal the headlines. On Monday he stunned reporters with the news that he's been...

Stay alert, control the virus, think up a slogan

PUBLIC confidence in the Government and returning to work could be boosted by a new rolling stock of slogans, according to Opinium...

That’ll teach ’em! Chris McGovern lambasts union dunces on Julia Hartley-Brewer show

FOR anyone who missed the brilliant Chris McGovern firing on all cylinders on Julia Hartley-Brewer’s TalkRADIO show on Monday morning, the link is below.

Death rates return to normal – but not in care homes

THE number of deaths in hospitals in England and Wales registered in the week ending May 8 was below average, figures revealed yesterday.

Lockdown, a cure that’s worse than the disease

LIKE many of us, I have been heeding the advice of the Government for the past two months to stay home, protect...

Social distancing – the case against

SOCIAL distancing, even when voluntary and though less oppressive than enforced stay-at-home lockdown, remains extremely costly in terms of economic activity and productivity, basic liberties and health outcomes.

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