Sunday, July 12, 2020
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George Floyd, the BBC and the death of balanced reporting

LAST week I wrote about the way in which the media altered the narrative of the lockdown blaming Covid-19 for the destruction...

How much more will Johnson take from the out-of-control BBC?

IN his excellent TCW article of May 21, News-watch's David Keighley forensically demolished, point by point, the bias-driven inaccuracies and assumptions in the BBC's...

Panorama’s biased contribution to the BBC’s Project Corona Fear

WHEN the BBC turned its investigative big guns towards the handling of the coronavirus lockdown, what did it do? 

The BBC is having a very good crisis

AS A result of the pandemonium triggered by coronavirus, it’s easy to forget that the BBC faces the prospect of root and...

Trump, Sir Cliff and the skewering of the BBC

ACADEMIC David Sedgwick’s new book about the BBC, The Fake News Factory, doesn’t mince words in making clear what he thinks about corporation journalism.

Help us fight smart over the BBC licence fee

AN outdated Auntie telling the country what’s best for it off the back of taxpayers’ money was barely acceptable half a century...

Justice closes its eyes to BBC bias

IT is very disappointing to have to report that three judges (two in the High Court, one in the Court of Appeal) have thwarted...

Inside the BBC Comedy Factory

AS part of the BBC series Inside the Factory, Gregg Wallace went inside the corporation to see how its radio comedy is created.

Inside Becky’s Beeb

Rebecca Long Bailey, the Labour leadership contender, has unveiled plans for a ‘People’s BBC’ free of political interference, run by staff and...

Inside the BBC Bunkum Factory

As part of the BBC series Inside the Factory, Gregg Wallace went inside the corporation to see how its programmes are made.

Why the BBC licence fee has to go

A NEW conservative citizens’ campaign has been formed with the support of major organisations including the Institute of Economic Affairs, the TaxPayers’...

Auntie unbiased? Not on the QT!

I DESERVE a medal. As the credits rolled for Thursday night’s BBC TV Question Time, I leant back on the couch and massaged my...

BBC licence fee ‘overhaul’ is a damp squib

THE opening days of 2020 have brought into sharp relief the rot at the heart of the BBC. Typical, as Craig Byers...

Greenpeace and the annexing of BBC news

THE BBC runs – at our expense – probably the largest and best-resourced newsroom in the world.  So how is...

Exiting left, Lord Hall of the British Bias Corporation

‘Doing a runner more like it, before he is forced to sort out the BBC, which let’s face it, is very left-wing,...

Try our (totally unbiased) end-of-year BBC quiz

IT’S the time of year for quizzes, so if you have enjoyed the BBC’s festive output, or if perhaps you haven’t, here’s...

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