Monday, February 24, 2020

The Conservative Woman

The Conservative Woman
Edited by Kathy Gyngell

Time for the Royals to downsize? You vote

The determination of the ‘Markles’ to break ranks with – if not break free from – the royal family raises the question...

Death of Sir Roger Scruton, greatest moral guide of our time

IT IS with great sadness that we write today of the death of the greatest twentieth and twenty first century conservative philosopher,...

Today’s hot topic: No room at the inn for mobile phones

A PUB in London has become digital free, with notices banning the use of mobile phones, Kindles, tablets and laptops, and saying:...

Patriots versus poor-box thieves: Starkey’s superb election analysis

DAVID Starkey’s delicious analysis of Boris’s election victory on The Sun’s YouTube channel* is worth an hour.  On Labour, the historian points to the absolutely irreconcilable groups. There are the socially conservative,...

Today’s hot topic: To sleep, perchance to worry?

IS the 'sleep industry' exploiting unfounded fears about how much sleep we need for our health and wellbeing? Darian...

Today’s hot topic: Is being vegan a religion?

‘ETHICAL veganism’ is a ‘philosophical belief’ and so is protected in law from discrimination, an employment tribunal has ruled. Jordi...

The BBC and the myth of primary school racism

THIS was the blaring headline on a recent BBC article: 'Exclusions for racism in primary schools in England up more than 40%’. The Times followed the...

The real reason Australia is ablaze

This is a must watch – an Australian 'bushie', Chris Dynon, calls for action against lethal green policies which are the real...

Today’s hot topic: Is the BBC worth saving?

AN internet campaign is seeking signatures for a petition entitled ‘Hands Off Our BBC’. Pointing out that ‘the newly...

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We end our short season of vintage TV ads with these for Smash instant mashed potato.

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We conclude our short season of vintage TV ads with these for Fairy Liquid.

TCW Readers’ Forum

Today’s talking point: What do you hope for in the New Year?

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We continue our short season of vintage TV ads with these for Yellow Pages.

TCW Readers’ Forum

Today’s talking point: Are you making a New Year Resolution and if so, what? Do you expect to keep it?

TCW Readers’ Forum

Today’s talking point: Can Nigel Farage succeed in changing politics for good?

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We continue our short season of vintage TV ads with these for Homepride, the first voiced by John Le Mesurier.

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