Sunday, July 12, 2020

Our Readers

Our Readers

Readers’ comments: Excellence is a hate crime

In response to Chris McGovern: Muddled maths and the hard lessons of home-schooling, GreatScot wrote: Many years...

Readers’ comments: An A-star in compassion

In response to Ken Crawford: Is this the birth of a golden generation?   bevinboy wrote:

Readers’ comments: A dry run for climate change lockdown?

In response to Andrew Mahon: Are we surrendering liberty for a spook? Derek Reynolds wrote: Thank you...

Readers’ comments: Laura has a point

In response to Laura Perrins: A police state will be Johnson’s legacy, Nicholas=VictoryofthePeople wrote: I've been telling everyone...

Reader’s comment: It doesn’t add up

In response to Peter Lloyd: It’s not just about the NHS, it’s about all of us, Alan Llandrindod Wells wrote:

Reader’s comment: When the police went wrong

In response to Julian Mann: Free speech and a lesson for the Met, SiberianRhod wrote: The demise...

Readers’ comments: Virus’s lesson for the Lefties

In response to Laura Perrins: Covid-19: ‘Whatever it takes’ is too much, Mr Smith wrote: We couldn't...

Readers’ comments: Johnson’s lengthening list of folly

In response to Bruce Newsome: We have made America our enemy, Angela wrote: What is more disconcerting is...

Readers’ comments: Johnson fiddles while Britain burns

In response to Kathy Gyngell: Decisive Trump quells the panic, defeatist Johnson ramps it up, Oaknash wrote:

Readers’ comments: Bring on the she-men

In response to Will Jones: Blame Europe for this trans madness, Inspector General wrote: One's patrol of...

Readers’ comments: We are on our own in this battle

In response to Alistair Miller: Is this really the right way to beat the virus? DespiteBrexit wrote:

Reader’s comment: A glimpse of our eco-mad future

In response to Philip Foster: Virus could bring out the best in us, James Chilton wrote: The...

Readers’ comments: The missing volunteers

In response to Belinda Brown: The long march of men from the workplace, Not-so-polished Corner wrote: Thank you...

Readers’ comments: Greta! Help!

In response to Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack: Migrants and the suicide of Sweden, Trailblazer10 wrote: ‘It is a perfect...

Readers’ comments: What passports are for

In response to Caroline ffiske: Gender is the passport to socialising – and safety, Reuben Wade wrote:

Readers’ comments: Spoilt Lefties lashing out

In response to Ollie Wright: Priti cartoon shows Guardian’s morality is a load of bull, Nockian wrote:

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