Sunday, March 29, 2020

Our Readers

Our Readers

Readers’ comments: Bravo Naomi, the anti-Greta

In response to Weaver Sheridan: St Greta pitches in as the face of football, David wrote: Anyone...

Readers’ special: Mighty Mallard

MY ‘Notes from the sticks’ column on Saturday, in which I mentioned the steam locomotive Mallard, brought back memories for a number...

Reader’s comment: Ways to make family taxation fairer

In response to James Mildred: It’s the Tories’ duty to end this tax penalty on families A M Lewis wrote:

Readers’ comments: Meanwhile in the Maldives

In response to David Wojick: Plane insanity: Two possible futures for air travel in the age of carbon craziness, 

Readers’ comments: Halal, not chlorine, is the real concern

In response to Timothy Bradshaw: Chlorine chicken is just a red herring,  Louise wrote: Chlorinated chicken has...

Readers’ comments: Let’s rise en masse to fight school grooming

In response to Will Jones: This national child grooming programme must be fought  Roy Davey-Jenkins wrote: All the...

Readers’ comments: Put Labour on the Long road to oblivion

In response to Paul T Horgan: Long Bailey and a snapshot of Labour bigotry   Bonce wrote: I think...

Reader’s comment: LGBTBBC

In response to David Keighley: Trump, Sir Cliff and the skewering of the BBC, 3aple wrote: Andrew...

Reader’s comment: First do no harm . . .

In response to Will Jones: Are the Tories starting to row back at last over trans madness splotchy wrote:

Readers’ comments: Crime and unpunishment

In response to Ewan Gillings: More money, little change at Patel’s Home Office, zakisbak wrote: ‘I have...

Reader’s comment: Contempt for the courts

In response to Kathy Gyngell: Justice closes its eyes to BBC bias, Oaknash wrote: Quelle surprise.

Reader’s comment: Jon’s world of disappointments

In response to Nick Booth: More self-isolation please, Mr Snow, ANGELINTERCEPTOR wrote: Mr S lives in a...

Readers’ comments: Better silly old Charles than a president

In response to Michael St George: Why ditherer Charles must stand aside and let William be king, David wrote:

Readers’ comments: Beyond imagination

In response to Laura Perrins: Innocence betrayed: The evil of schools where drag queens take over storytime, I'm Old...

Readers’ comments: Climate war will make Brexit look like a mere skirmish

In response to Paul Homewood: No airports, no imports – the real cost of carbon mania Bayleaf wrote:

Readers’ comments: Someone must pay for Johnson’s £200bn train set

In response to Andrew Cadman: The tax change laying waste to our IT and construction industries, Picard wrote:

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