Monday, January 27, 2020

Our Readers

Our Readers

Reader’s comment: TCW, right thinking as always

In response to TCW hot topic: Politics and royalty – never the twain? Paul Weston wrote: Discuss?...

Readers’ comments: The world needs Donald Trump

In response to Kathy Gyngell: Captain America socks it to the doom-mongers. floody wrote: The paragraph regarding...

Readers’ comments: Hall’s reward for failure

In response to TCW hot topic: The Tony awards Abominable_Yeoman wrote: Hall took over the BBC in 2012...

Readers’ comments: Babies and the throwaway society

In response to Laura Perrins: Kids are a handful so let’s kill them, richard verney wrote: Today...

Readers’ comments: Watch this, St Greta

In response to Will Jones: Even if the world IS getting warmer, time is on our side, Bruce Mills wrote:

Readers’ comments: Drink, drugs and a sobering thought

In response to John Musgrave: This, Gazza, is how to beat the bottle Malachy wrote: A fine article,...

Readers’ comments: Harry’s in a Mickey Mouse marriage

In response to Laura Perrins: Meghan: The daughter-in-law from hell  cambridgeelephant wrote: Well, now he – ‘they...

Readers’ comments: ‘Very indecent if not outright evil’

In response to Will Jones:What every parent should know about these sinister sex lessons,  UKCitizen wrote: Brave...

Reader’s comment: Meghan – the inevitable interview

In response to Angela Levin: I hope one day Harry and Meghan will realise the hurt they have caused,

Readers’ comments: Wheels are falling off the woke-wagon

In response to Angela Levin: As Harry’s biographer, I fear the worst for him, David Anderson wrote:

Reader’s comment: When’s it my turn for shenanigans?

In response to The Conservative Woman hot topic: After-work shenanigans Onedtent wrote: I am one of the...

Readers’ comments: Who’ll clean out the stables?

In response to Laura Perrins: The young white girls abandoned by police to a life of rape and drugs,

Reader’s comment: A tale of two languages

In response to Chris McGovern: Should schools be cool wiv da kids’ street slang, bruv? Not bloody likely! PierrePendre wrote:

Readers’ comments: NHS slaves of the nerds

In response to Nick Booth: Old before my time – our man on the NHS front line, Charles Dawne wrote:

Reader’s comment: How can a boy ever know how it feels to be a girl?

In response to Caroline ffiske: The Divided States of Transgenderism, paul parmenter •wrote: I still get stuck at...

Reader’s comment: Emily’s choice

In response to Laura Perrins: The day Thornberry blew the gaff on feminism, esseff41 wrote:   Well said,...

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