Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Nick Wood

Nick Wood
Chief Executive of Media Intelligence Partners

Nick Wood: Most of us would take Farage’s word over Blair’s any time

Tony “I’m a pretty straight kind of guy” Blair has re-entered the debate over Europe. With breathtaking effrontery, the former Prime Minister accused Nigel Farage...

Nick Wood: The East may succeed where the Soviets failed. Writing our obituary

There is a story about a man granted his ultimate wish – tomorrow's newspaper today. He turned eagerly to the racing page, planning to...

Nick Wood: A horror story that has yet to be told. The full facts on how Labour wrecked the economy

If someone crashed your car, would you give him back the keys and take the risk on it happening again? It is not as if...

Nick Wood: Dynamic modelling? Not Kate Moss, but tax cuts that pay for themselves

How much will it cost? That is just about the first question the rookie reporter is taught to ask when confronted by a vote-seeking...

Nick Wood: Another pounding for the traditional family. Will the Tories have any voters left?

Keep the champagne on ice, especially if you are one of many middle class families with a lone breadwinner on around £60,000 a year. Under...

Nick Wood: Time for Osborne to count the cost of social liberalism

More than a decade ago, when we were working for William Hague, I remember George Osborne summarising his political philosophy for the benefit of...

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