Monday, February 24, 2020

Rev. Julian Mann

Rev. Julian Mann
Retired Anglican minister.

Rev Julian Mann: A toxic, socially Marxist, anti-Christian ideology has possessed Britain’s soul 

The Cambridge Union Society’s Bicentenary Debate yesterday, which according to the invitation was about ‘celebrating 200 years of free speech’, has moved me to some sober reflections...

Rev Julian Mann: Islamists only winners from this Stalinist crackdown on campus Christianity

Islamist extremists are among the winners from new government anti-radicalisation rules for British universities, which are about to drag evangelical Christian Unions into the censorship net. Under the...

Rev Julian Mann: The Apostle Paul – a magnificent counter-weight to our own decadent times

The Apostle Paul, whose conversion to Jesus Christ the Church of England commemorates today (Sunday January 25th), was a counter-cultural, transformative force for good in...

Rev Julian Mann: The true nature of the prophets

Mohammed can legitimately be called Islam’s prophet but no Christian can with integrity refer to him as ‘The Prophet’. The reason is very clear. Christians believe that...

Rev Julian Mann: Exodus: Gods and Kings is deliberately riddled with dreadful postmodern blunders

The first intentional howler comes in the opening caption when the film locates the action in the secular Before Common Era (1300 BCE).  This...

The Rev Julian Mann: A prayer to encapsulate the true meaning of Christmas and repudiate our selfish materialism

The Book of Common Prayer’s appointed Collect for the Sunday before Christmas is culturally subversive at a profound level. It is certainly not what you would...

Rev Julian Mann: Let the censored Oxford abortion debate take place in my South Yorkshire church

It is vital not only for freedom of speech in the UK but also for public morals that the banned Oxford debate on abortion takes place...

Rev Julian Mann: Do not worship false gods, even if they are the flag of St George

It may be heretical to say it following the furore over former shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry’s pictorial tweet of a house in Strood festooned with...

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