Thursday, July 2, 2020

Henry Getley

Henry Getley is a freelance journalist.

When Britain sailed close to an uncivil war with Abraham Lincoln

FOLLOWING the death of George Floyd, the spectre of the Civil War is rising once again to haunt America.

On Restoration Day, whither the monarchy?

BELLS rang out, music played, wine flowed from the fountains and thousands packed the flower-strewn streets of London to cheer the tall,...

Britain’s silent saviour: Churchill, May 10, 1940

EIGHTY years ago today, Britain faced its most desperate hour. At dawn on Friday, May 10, 1940, Hitler launched his blitzkrieg in...

Guess who’s to blame for Covid-19? The old white male, of course

SO you thought all those young ‘covidiots’ flouting the stay-at-home and social distancing rules were the biggest risk for spreading coronavirus?

Science fact is scarier than science fiction

WHEN the full impact of coronavirus started to become apparent over the last few weeks, one of my more alarmist thoughts was: Is Survivors about to...

Does measuring social distance in metres lead to Covid-19 confusion?

AS the coronavirus crisis escalates, one detail has gone generally unremarked – the official measurement for social distancing is given in metric.

Battle of Waterloo, the sanitised version

THE opening episode of ITV’s new Sunday night costume drama Belgravia was hastily rewritten to insert a coronavirus plotline, it was revealed last night....

Everyday heroes: The men of war who gave us peace

THE men my generation most admired were the heroes of the Second World War. Courageous and daring, they had fought the good...

1917: Mission improbable, movie-making incomparable

SUNDAY’S Baftas may have been a squirm-inducing luvvie wokefest, but at least they got the top award right – 1917 is a...

U-turn if you want to (everyone else does)

IT usually comes out of the blue, to be greeted by delight, derision, or disbelief . . . the U-turn. In an...

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