Friday, April 10, 2020

Cresta Norris

Cresta Norris
Cresta Norris is a communications consultant and author of

Cresta Norris: Trump’s wall is America’s short-term comfort blanket

Donald Trump is a ‘blurter’ – he has spontaneous speech with negative repercussions. Everyone blurts occasionally, but most of the time we intuitively engage...

Cresta Norris: Teetotal, vegetarian Corbyn has his head deep in the sand

If you are a Conservative Woman who enjoys a second glass of pinot grigio don’t hold forth about the pros and cons of the...

Cresta Norris: Psychologically, free movement is hard to deny

Now that Amber Rudd is in charge of the Home Office how much time will she get to spend in her seaside constituency of...

Cresta Norris: Grieving Remainers will come to accept Brexit

At last Brexit means Brexit. Thank you, Theresa. But why are Remainers still saying that Brexit will ruin the lives of ‘children and grandchildren’?...

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